Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and take your ideas to the next level
Learn, from the real-life experiences of our team and invited speakers, how to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses
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The program is gratuitous and exclusive for MSc and Ph.D. students from Técnico Lisboa
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Program timeline
2 stage program
12 week entrepreneurship based learning program (1 afternoon per week in hybrid format)
Summer internship at one of our portfolio companies
2022 / 2023
NOV 2022
Application period open
JAN 2023
Application period closed
2022    2023
FEB 2023
Student selection announcement
MAR 2023
Stage 1 kick-off
MAY 2023
Stage 1 end
Stage 2 kick-off
Program content
Welcome to the ecosystem
A Leap to the Future
Discover what it means to be an entrepreneur, current investment trends and opportunities and how to transition from university to the entrepreneurial world.
Problems as opportunities
Changing the World
Explore Faber’s current investment focus areas, main problems being solved and uncover some of the most impactful and disruptive startups in those spaces.
Solutions to businesses
Ready, Set, Launch
Learn what are the key tools that will help get your projects off the drawing board, make fast decisions, plan for fundraising and prepare to become a CEO.
Meet the speakers
More to be announced soon
  • Benefits for you
    Learn directly from the knowledge source
    Take the chance to learn from our team and invited speakers, who will provide you with the knowledge needed to explore and ideate around market opportunities and launch an MVP to the market.
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    How many sessions will there be each week?
    Where will the on-site sessions for stage 1 be held?
    Is the participation in the summer internship mandatory?
    Will the summer internships be paid?
    Is this program eligible to receive academic recognition (ECTS)?
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